Zurich Public Transport (VBZ)

Zurich Public Transport (VBZ) is the second largest provider of public transport services in Switzerland. It provides high-quality public transport services (tram, bus, trolley bus, cable car) for the citizens of Zurich and surrounding regions. In 2010, more than 318 million passengers have used the services of VBZ, while travelling 30,4 million kilometers in approximately 500 vehicles.

VBZ has around 2,500 employees operating and extending the complex infrastructure of the public transport system. This leads to a large number projects in various areas, including IT.

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At VBZ, the requirements and architecture department bases its work on objectiF RM

The Requirements and Architecture department was created to ensure smooth execution of all IT-related projects with a focus on requirements elicitation and process creation. It quickly became apparent that the growing complexity of requirements documents and individual elements (requirements, test cases) as well as the interdependencies between them required a solution tailored to the application scenario. After a detailed analysis, the objectiF RM was chosen as the tool for supporting the department’s work.

At the moment, the objectiF RM is used in the following areas:

  • Stakeholder Management
  • Goal Management
  • System Context Modeling
  • System Behaviour Visualization using Use Case Diagrams
  • Business Process Mapping using Activity Diagrams
  • Requirements Management (Description, Structuring, Prioritizing)
  • Generating structured documents for project analysis and requirements specification

“At the moment, the Requirements Modeller is used in a number of IT projects. The Modeler made it possible to improve the structure and accessibility and helped to increase overall productivity and quality. Particularly helpful is the possibility to generate documents from within the software. These documents include all relevant elements (title page, index, process illustrations, use cases and requirements) and can be updated effortlessly at any time. In most cases, use of Office applications including Visio is not neccessary anymore.”