objectiF RM. Unbelievably affordable!

objectiF RM is a client and server tool. All information and results are managed by objectiF RM in a central data bank. For operation, you need at least one concurrent user license from objectiF RM and a server license. With three concurrent user licenses, you can install objectiF RM in all your desired workplaces and use them all at the same time as a network or via a browser. The system requirements for objectiF RM and objectiF RPM are identical.

ProductCatalog price per license*
objectiF RM690.00 €
Additionally required server licenseCatalog price per license*
objectiF RM Server Small (for up to ten simultaneous users)1,190.00 €
objectiF RM Server Medium (for up to 25 simultaneous users)4,490.00 €
objectiF RM Server Large (from 26 simultaneous users)6,990.00 €
Maintenance including hotline support und updatesPercentage of the sales price
Annual fee of total sales price of objectiF RM license20%

*All prices are subject to VAT.