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Individuals calling for more individual leadership

The future of leadership

One thing is certain, leadership is changing. But how will it change? And will leaders even exist in the coming years? A prognosis.
Group communiction

Leverage in group communication

Leverage points combine the knowledge of large groups with the communicative efficiency of small teams. Collective intelligence through leverage points.
Flexibility through job sharing

Becoming attractive through flexibility – job sharing in the IT industry

With job sharing companies react to the changing demands of employees. Find out how can job sharing can help you become a more attractive employer?

Keep calm and digitize

Digitization is a buzzword that still holds many challenges for businesses. How should companies actually deal with digitization?

Selecting or electing supervisors

What challenges are involved in choosing supervisors? And what practical examples are out there of electing supervisors democratically?

Project and personal goals

Who should I talk to to find out my figure out my project goals? Or even better: what is the meaning of my project? A post about project and personal goals.

Showing Up – be the leader you feel called to be

Leadership used to be just for mangers. Today it is more of an activity than a position. Learn how to lead with confidence in every area of your work.
Project managers or sales staff

Hey you, yes you, the project manager. Ever thought of a career in sales?

IT project managers have a lot of skills that are highly sought after in sales. Find out why it makes sense for them to begin a career in IT sales.
Projektmarketing with Videos

Using videos in your project marketing

Project marketing with videos offers many advantages. But what is the cost benefits relationship? Find out what you need to know about producing clips.
3 World Model

Unrecognized conflicts of interest – Self-awareness with the 3-world-model

The 3 world model of personalities by Bernd Schmid helps us to recognize conflicts of interest in organisation. Read concrete case studies.
Killer questions Sender and Receiver

Evil oratory – how to beat knock-out arguments

Killer questions are everywhere. Tatjana Lackner, experienced coach, explains how to identify them in for your own personal and professional success. 
Non-violent-communication in projects

Non-violent communication in projects

Communication is not always easy. How can non-violent communication in projects help and what are the different aspects of non-violent communication?
Step by step and level by level

Choosing Project Leaders with Logical Levels

Learn how to hire the right project managers in your company using the Logical Levels method as developed by NLP expert Robert Dilts.
The real reasons behind conflicts are deep below the surface

Developing Conflict Warning Systems

Learn how to develop early warning systems to improve your conflict management system and save money. 

Software Introduction in China – A Conversation with Rudolf Siebenhofer

How does a software introduction at a Chinese company work? A discussion with Rudolf Siebenhofer, IT consultant and IT project management expert.

Is Stress Poisonous To The Spirit?

Pressure to perform is a reoccurring and big issue in project work. How can we reduce stress and appreciate the things we have already achieved?
at eye level with the alpha male

Moderation, Or: At Eye Level With The Alpha Male

How do you handle resistance in workshops and seminars? Learn more about moderation and the best techniques on how to ensure fruitful workshops here.
Clemens Schmidt

An Interview With Clemens Schmidt about Successful Software Introductions

An interview with Clemens Schmidt, IT developer, administrator, coach, project manager and consultant, about effective software introduction.
All Power to Nobody

Corporate Democracy, or: All Power to Nobody!

We live in a democracy with most people quite happy about not being controlled or even punished, on the other hand we give up our democratic rights.

Transparency Needs Feedback

A lot of people are convinced that transparency is a good thing. But this conviction may be wrong. How do you turn transparency into a positive thing?

Be More Creative! Forget Brainstorming!

How to make meetings effective? What are the advantages of brain dumping and why is better than brainstorming or brain writing 3-6-5?

Theory X and Theory Y in Project Work

Team work is the preferred form of work in organizations. But what about theory X and theory Y and Social Loafing as described by Douglas Murray McGregor?

Subjective Complexity

Complexity is a personal thing. Is it worthwhile to try and calculate complexity, and how important are the results for your individual perception of it?
sherlock holmes as project manager

If Sherlock Holmes Was Your Project Manager

Do you know how to find 6 causes of conflicts in the cooperation of people systematically? Sherlock Holmes probably knows how.
trust as essential ingredient

Trust in Projects

Trust facilitates communication processes, an essential ingredient of project success and high productivity. Learn how to increase your trust in projects.
Ineffective Collaboration

6 Wrong Reasons for Ineffective Collaboration in Projects

Problems of collaboration in projects are perhaps annoying, but basically no problem, as long as the problems are solved repeatedly.

How to Communicate Effectively in Projects

Communication is regarded as the Alpha and Omega of project management. Read more about how you can improve communication in your projects here.
Intuition in Project Management

The Power of Professional Intuition

Our intuition is far more powerful than our ability to make rational decisions, making it an important resource for our decision-making processes.

Money Pit 101

How can a project spiral out of control so much that the Elbphilharmonie is a long way from opening fours years after the originally planned completion?
project management with attitude

Project Management with an Attitude

Successful project managers approach their work with a seamanlike serenity. How do you develop the skills to stay calm in difficult situations?
being connected concept

Being Connected – Real-life Applications of a Concept

What are the differences between meaning, identity and the process of giving meaning to something. And how do you apply the concept of being connected?
different positions

How to Solve Conflicts with Perceptual Positions

In this article you will learn how conflicts, e.g. with stakeholders, can be worked on, solved or even avoided by adopting different perceptual positions.

Being Connected – The Interlinking of Meanings and its Hidden Powers

Understand the interlinking of meanings, its multiple aspects and its hidden powers. It's worth it.
no more project loners

No More Project Loners!

Every project manager wants to manage his or her projects successfully, but often they become project loners. What can project managers do about it?
the best tips

19 Tips for Successful Projects

Fruitful cooperation of people, the organization and IT are the steady aspects of success. Find 19 very useful tips for successful projects.

Pitfalls of Communication and How to Avoid Them

Human interaction and communication are diverse. They are the cornerstones of the economy and communities we live in, and they also pose many challenges.