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project management software comparison

Project Management Software Comparison

Selection processes begin with feature lists, even if most of the terms used are unclear. How should you perform a project management software comparison?
Clemens Schmidt

An Interview With Clemens Schmidt about Successful Software Introductions

An interview with Clemens Schmidt, IT developer, administrator, coach, project manager and consultant, about effective software introduction.
Key Factors in Software Introduction Processes

How to Introduce New Software Successfully

If companies are opting for new software based on individual criteria and careful research, why is it so hard to introduce new software successfully?
using word

Using Word, The Sensible Way

How much time do you dedicate to documenting your projects with MS Word? Read how you could use Word in a sensible way.
microTOOL Farbenlehre

GREEN – RED – BLUE: Three Colours, Three Tools, One Goal: Successful Projects

What are the goals, differences and benefits of in-STEP BLUE, objectiF RM and in-STEP RED? Get to know microTOOL's different software options.