At your command – make sums in views

Until now you could make sums from in-STEP BLUE in product views via numerical columns. Apart from that, you could use actions of the state machine sums to calculate individual rows. But what if, for example, you are only interested in the sum of the total effort of individual requirements?
No problem: for this task you can set up a command, Sum creation with formula.

An example of sum creation

The following graphic shows the view Requirements list:

in-STEP BLUE - Die Sicht "Anforderungsliste"

The view “Requirements list”

The values and sums (in person-days) are presented here as development, testing and complete (sum of the development effort and the test effort) effort values of the requirements. The sum of the complete effort of individual requirements can now be calculated here.

Please note that administrator rights are required to set up the command in a project or an organizational unit.

Configure the command

Make sure that the command Sum creation with formula is already registered in your project or your organizational unit.

Open the main menu of in-STEP BLUE with Project/Components in the component dialog. If you find …for sum creation with formula in the section under Command Server, then the project is ready for the command to be set up.

in-STEP BLUE - Registrierte Komponenten

Registered components

In the next dialog register components select the command server … for sum  creation via formula under StdPlugin.dll

in-STEP BLUE - Neue Komponente registrieren

Register new component

Confirm with OK and then close the component dialog.

Now open the properties dialog of the product view of of the product that you want to configure the command for, by using the command Properties in the view’s context menu (e.g. directly in the in-STEP BLUE bar). Select the tab Menu items  and tick …for sum creation with formula.

in-STEP BLUE - Befehl aktivieren

Activate the command

Then define the command by right clicking on the configuration button. Now you can give the following dialog of the command a name and a sum formula.

Then define the command by clicking on the configuration button on the right in the dialog. Now you can give the command a name in the following dialog and set the sum formula:

in-STEP BLUE - Summenformel einrichten

Set up sum formula

Next, click on add in the field Configure command. In the next dialog Configure command enter the name, and now you can define the formula with the … button.

Then you can use the dialog Enter formula and add the user-defined properties of the project and also select the project. With product properties select the Category, under which the properties of the project are defined. The properties can be connected directly in the formula operation with the + or – keys.

The results could look like this:

in-STEP BLUE - Beispiel des konfigurierten Befehls

Example of the configured command

Now confirm this and the dialog with OK. The command can now be carried out in your view.

Calculate the total effort

In the example of the requirements list you can see the context menu now looks like this:

in-STEP BLUE - Befehl im Kontextmenü der Anforderungsliste

Command in the context menu of the requirement

After carrying out the command, the result Sum of effort (total): 37,5 appears in the status row of the view:

in-STEP BLUE - Summe des Gesamtaufwands der einzelnen Anforderungen

Sum of the total effort of the individual requirement

That was how to calculate sums with a command. If you have questions or need support in your imports and exports, then get into contact with us – either via email or on the phone (+49) 030/467086-20.

Hubert Siegemund is an expert at the integration of objectiF RPM, objectiF RM and in-STEP BLUE in IT environments. He is an IREB trainer, V-Model XT Pro certified and specialized in consulting and customizing.

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