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Do you carry out regular meetings to speak about the status and possible next steps in your projects? And do you keep this information in project status reports? With in-STEP BLUE, you don’t have to create every project status report individually, you can create project status reports (and of course all other products) at the same time over a time period.

It starts with just one command

The new CoreProcess command is required for the simultaneous creation of multiple products according to time. You can call these up with the context menu of the directory where the desired products should later be saved. First of all, open the management of the components via the menu entry Project / Components …

Navigieren Sie zu den Komponenten

Navigate to the components

Select the entry … for products (CoreProcess) in the dialog and the button Configure … 

Den richtigen CommandServer auswählen

Select the correct command server

Use the menu command New command to create a new command with the type Create products over a time period … 

Produkte über einen Zeitraum anlegen heisst der gesuchte Befehl

There’s the command

Configure products over a time frame

The configuration dialog of the command will open. Here, the following tasks can be done:

  • Label
    This label will be shown when you call up the context menu to execute the command.
  • ID
    Is a unique internal identifier of the created command.
  • Product type
    Products of this type should be created.
  • Interval
    Enter whether a product should be created once a week or once a month within the time period.
  • Product name / Pattern:
    The name of the created product will be formed according to this pattern. For example, a product name can be created that puts together the calendar week, the year and a description like Project status report.
  • Set date / Property / Date
    Here you can enter a product property in which, for example, an expiry date is entered, based on the setting under Date.

The desired results

After you have configured the CoreProcess command, you can call it up via the context menu of the directory in which the desired type can be created.

Den Befehl aufrufen

Call up the command

Select the time period for which the products should be created.

Zeitraum einstellen

Set time frame

This will result in receiving once a week within the selected time frame a product with a name that is made up of the calendar week, the corresponding year and the theme – that is, a project status report.

Liste der neu angelegten Projektstatusberichte

List of the newly created project status reports

Finished. A small and useful feature to quickly create products for a period – don’t you think? Do you have questions or suggestions? As always we are available – just get in touch with our support team at

Axel Höner is an expert for the integration microTOOL software products into IT environments of any size. A certified Project Management Expert (IPMA), CPRE, Scrum Master, SAFe® Program Consultant and he specializes in consulting and process optimization.

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