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In the third part of our blog series  Step by Step to a Ticket System, you learned how to organize the storage for tickets in your ticket system, how to prepare simple access to it and how to create new tickets in the all tickets view. Today we would like to show you how you can also configure a button with which you can create a new ticket with just a click in the view group of the tickets.

Create button in view group

Off we go. Open the organizational unit of the ticket system again and navigate via the menu bar to the command Adapt in-STEP BLUE bar.

in-STEP BLUE Leiste anpassen

Adapt in-STEP BLUE bar

A dialog will open to confirm the individual view groups and their views. In the dialog you marked the view group Tickets on the left side. On the right side you will find an entry under Available Elements, External Components and there Create Product. Take over this command into the view group Tickets simply using the arrow.

Produkt anlegen in die Sichtengruppe aufnehmen

Include products in the view group

In the following dialog, select the product type Ticket with the … button. Then place a check in the box next to Only show this dialog when the shift key is pressed.

Ticket anlegen konfigurieren

Configure ticket creation

And now you have a new button for creating tickets in your view group for tickets. Your view group should now look like this:

Der neue Button zum Anlegen von Tickets

The new button for creating tickets

When you press this button, a new ticket will be created. If the ticket is not opened right after its creation, press the shift button when pressing the Create Ticket button. Then a dialog will open, where you can place a check in the box next to Check out and open.

Ausleihen und Öffnen einmal auswählen

Select check out and open

in-STEP BLUE will use this setting from now on. So now you can create tickets easily right in your view group with just a click!

And how will we continue?
In the next entry we will consider the question of displaying tickets easily in MS Word. Just follow along and come step by step to your own ticket system. If you have ideas or wishes, just get in touch with us at service@microtool.de or 030/467086-20.

Axel Höner is an expert for the integration microTOOL software products into IT environments of any size. A certified Project Management Expert (IPMA), CPRE, Scrum Master, SAFe® Program Consultant and he specializes in consulting and process optimization.

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