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In the second part of our blog series Step by Step to a Ticket System, you learned how to create a product type for tickets.  You created a corresponding state machine, a form template and the category of the tickets. Today you will see how to organize the storage of the for tickets in your ticket system, how to prepare simple access to it and how to create new tickets at the press of a button.

Create folder

Off we go. Open the organizational  unit of the ticket system. Until now, just the product types for tickets, i.e., of the storage folder, was defined. To be able to create concrete tickets, create a folder of the type Folder for tickets. Then, open the folders/products view in the view group My in-STEP and use the context menu of the product ticket system to create a new folder.

Ordner für Tickets anlegen

Create new folder for tickets

Just call the new folder Folder for tickets.

Inside this folder you can create tickets by calling up the New command new via the context menu of the folder.

Ein Ticket per Kontextmenü anlegen

Creating a ticket with the context menu

Because you will want to manage not only tickets, but also other files in your ticket system, the view Files/products can quickly become complex. To avoid that it’s best to right away define a view that just contains tickets in the form of a list. Beforehand you should also have a Before that a suitable place in the in-STEP BLUE bar for the management of tickets should be created. For this, just create another view group.

Create view group tickets

Open the management of the in-STEP BLUE bar with the menu command Organizational unit / adapt in-STEP BLUE bar…

Anpassen der in-STEP BLUE Leiste

Customizing the in-STEP BLUE bar

Use the button New group to create a new view group. Call it Tickets.

Allocate the new view group the roles of Manager and Employees, so that the members of this role are always shown. Now confirm with OK so that the group will be created.

Eine neue Sichtengruppe anlegen

Create a new view group

Now use the arrow buttons to move the view group Tickets to the position under Projects. But don’t close the dialog to customize in-STEP BLUE just yet!

Create All Tickets view

Now create a list that will contain all tickets. Click on the button New View… , name the view All tickets and select Product under the list evaluation sorts.

Eigenschaft der Sicht festlegen

Determine properties of the view

Customize the settings by clicking the concepts in blue so that they are set like in the above screenshot. This works easily and shows you at the same time how many opportunities you get to filter and display information.

Finally, configure the column like this:

Spalten auswählen

Select columns

In the right column you can select the properties that should be displayed and use the arrow to move them into the list on the left. The order of the selected columns can be changed with the up and down arrows. Directly editing the values in the view can be deactivated by clicking on the small table symbol. The sorting is influenced by clicking in the column.

Now quickly set a filter for the product type Ticket. To do this, change a filter to the product type Ticket. Select the filter Products according to product type with a double click.

In the lower field the defines the display of the element, click on … and the dialog to select the product type will open. Select ticket.

Produkttypen auswählen

Select product type

Finally, change to the tab Menu item in the view configuration. By clicking on … to create products, you can configure the command to create tickets, that will be displayed in the toolbar of the view in the future. To configure, just click on the button with the gear. It opens the dialog Configure commands, where you can create a new command using the add button. Just follow along with the screenshot:

Befehl zum Anlegen von Tickets konfigurieren

Configure command to create tickets

Now you have all the settings for the configuration of the view and can create them by confirming with OK in the properties dialog. At the end you can put the new view in the view group tickets with drag and drop.

Determine the standard directory of a product type

The command to create a ticket has just been configured so that tickets are always created in a standard directory with the product type Tickets. This standard directory now has to be confirmed. Open the view product types and open the properties of the product type Folder for Tickets. Select the folder Folder for tickets under Standard in the Further Settings tab.

Den Standardordner zur Ablage festlegen

Determine the standard folder for storage

How are the results looking now?
After this configuration you can create new tickets in your new view, All tickets. Apart from that, all the relevant information about tickets will be shown in the view.

Neues Ticket anlegen

Create a new ticket

And what now?
In the next blog entry, you will learn how to define further possibilities to create tickets. Just follow the steps to come step by step to your own ticket system. And if you have any questions or suggestions, get in touch with us at or (0049) 30/467086-20. We are always glad to hear your feedback!

Axel Höner is an expert for the integration microTOOL software products into IT environments of any size. A certified Project Management Expert (IPMA), CPRE, Scrum Master, SAFe® Program Consultant and he specializes in consulting and process optimization.

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