Securing state changes with a password

Are you familiar with this: quickly  changing a document to the next state in the context menu — oops, it should have been the doument one row underneath! “Oh well, I can just change the state again so that it’s right”. However, if in-STEP BLUE is configured so that colleagues are automatically informed of state changes via email and the new state change has to be carried out by someone with another role, it’s not quite so simple. So much effort because of one wrong click.

Now you can secure the state transfer with a password request. This helps avoid errors and to increase security. Especially recommendable is the implementation of a new feature for state tranfers, that should document, in combination with reviews and acceptances, the confirmation or rejection of the examiner.

More security in two minutes

Let’s assume you want use password entry to secure the state change of a ticket form that documents the completion of the ticket editing. How do you do it? Configure the command server … for products. Open the component management in the menu row under organizational unit and then under Components. Navigate to the command server and configure the events (in our example the event abschleißen/close)  for which a password should be requested.

Wählen Sie die Ereignisse aus, für die Sie eine separate Passwortabfrage wünschen

Select the events that you want to set password protection for

That was already the whole configuration. Now, every time the action close is triggered, the password of the current user will be requested.

An sich ein gewöhnlicher Zustandswechsel, oder?

A pretty normal state transfer, isn’t it?

And now you will already be asked for your password.

Die definierte Passwortabfrage beim Zustandswechsel

The defined password request when changing state

Do you have requestions or remarks about this feature? Get in touch at or 030/467086-20. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Axel Höner is an expert for the integration microTOOL software products into IT environments of any size. A certified Project Management Expert (IPMA), CPRE, Scrum Master, SAFe® Program Consultant and he specializes in consulting and process optimization.

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