Specify a background picture for the whole system

Have you wondered if it is possible to adapt the background of in-STEP BLUE according to your corporate identity? Maybe you want to have the colours of your company or your logo in the background? You can add a new background picture in apporoximately 63 seconds…

Start in-STEP BLUE as a system administrator and navigate to settings under the system menu.

Die Systemeinstellungen sind leicht zu finden

The system settings are easy to find

In the following dialog there are three options:

  • Don’t use a background picture – the background stays white.
  • There is the microTOOL standard.
  • Specify a custom background image for your system.
Auswahl der Hintergrunddatei

Select the background image file

Under the entry field there is a note that says that every client has to have access to the selected background image. The intention is not for every user to have a personal background, but that there is a unique, system-wide template of your organization. This can be realized by putting the background file on a general access server directory or on every user’s local hard drive with the same file path.

The results could look like this, for example:

Der neue Hintergrundbild in Aktion

The new background image in action

The activation of the image depends on the resolution of your monitor. It is also recommended there – if you want to use your logo – to put it on the left side of the image so that it can always be seen…

61, 62, 63 seconds — or did it take you longer?

Next week we will carry on with our blog series Step by Step to a Ticket System. For questions and notes we are always glad to hear from you at service@microtool.de or 030/467086-20. And if you have suggestions for our in-STEP BLUE blog, we’d love to hear those, too.

Be it installation, setting up the system environment or expansion of tool functionality – support expert Thomas Schmoldt has the answers to your question. In particular stubborn cases he may just program a solution of his own.

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