Step by step to a ticket system

in-STEP BLUE is a software for project management in businesses. It is often implemented in IT areas because it doesn’t just support planning and carrying out projects, but also helps to record the most diverse artifacts – be they requirements or changes, tests or risks, ideas or or or. Through comprehensive possibilities for adaptation, many firms have individual release workflows, forms, views, templates, evaluations, figures, whole process models. If you want to use in-STEP BLUE as a ticket system, how will you proceed?

In a multi-part series, we will show you step-by-step how to configure a ticket system with in-STEP BLUE. We will show you how to use the numerous advanced features of in-STEP BLUE, to build a comfortable aid to manage and process tickets. Just follow along.

Create an organizational unit

We are starting today with the creation of an in-STEP BLUE organizational unit that should be created – at first just manually. Log in to your in-STEP BLUE system as a user with system administrator rights. Create a new organizational unit first and initialize it with the template Organizational Unit (German).xml_orgunit from the template directory (Standard: C:Program Files (x86)microTOOLin-STEP BLUETemplatesOrganization).

Organisationseinheit anlegen

Create an organizational unit

Organsationseinheit auf Basis einer Vorlage auswählen

Select an organizational unit on the basis of a template

Vorlage aus Datei auswählen

Select a template from the file

Organizational Unit auswählen

Select the organizational unit

Confirm the following dialog with Further and name the organizational unit simply Ticket System.

Der Name der neuen Organsationseinheit

The name of the new organizational unit

Tidy up the organizational unit

A few components of the new organizational unit won’t be needed, so just delete these. Navigate to the view group Administration and open the view Product Type. Mark the holiday applications and the project applications and delete all the product types under the organization.

Die vorhandenen Produkttypen unterhalb der Organisation entfernen

Remove the available product types under the organizational unit

Now delete the already created folders for holiday applications and project applications. Open the view Files / Products in the view group My in-Step.

Produkte endgültig entfernen

Produkte löschen und zwar endgültig

One advantage of working with in-STEP BLUE is that many areas in the different in-STEP BLUE editions are already available pre-configured. So this means that for our tidying up you can delete the unnecessary products and product types, as well as the state machines, templates, views, view groups and categories.

Next, delete the state machines for project and holiday applications. To do this, open the view group  Administration and there the view State machines. Mark the entries … for project applications and … for holiday applications and delete these with the corresponding command in the context menu.

Zustandsautomaten löschen

Delete the state machine

In the view group Administration you will find Templates. There you need either the Project application, or Holiday application or the Time recording sheet.xls

Vorlagen löschen, Produkt.doc wird aber noch benötigt

Delete the templates, Product.docx will still be needed

Now you can delete the views that are no longer needed. Open the menu bar Organizational unit and then Views. That’s how you get to the view management. All views with reference to holiday applications and project applications can be deleted.

Sichten löschen

Delete views

After you have deleted the relevant views, it doesn’t make sense to keep the corresponding view groups. In the menu bar under Organizational unit you will find Adapt in-Step bar. Open the dialog, select the Project application and Holiday and delete these view groups.

Sichtengruppen löschen

Delete view group

Finished? Not just yet, finally you can also delete both the product types. Open the management of the categories via the menu command Organizational units / categories.

Auf dem Weg zu den Kategorien

On the way to the categories

Search for the two categories PROJECT PROPOSAL and VACATION REQUEST and delete these with the delete button. You will find both entries under PRODUCTREVISION and then under IN-STEP DOCUMENT.

Kategorien löschen

Delete categories

Finished? Yes, for today. You see how much is connected in in-STEP BLUE. That is the foundation of working as a specialist, for example, when handling tickets. There are connections in the background that employees, teams and managers don’t have to bother with – they can just work with better support.

After you have cleaned up the organizational unit, you can start with the real work. You can create a product type for your tickets, a suitable form and the state machines that belong. Just follow along: step by step to a ticket system. And if you have questions or ideas, just get in touch with us at or 030/467086-20. We are looking forward to your suggestions.

Axel Höner is an expert for the integration microTOOL software products into IT environments of any size. A certified Project Management Expert (IPMA), CPRE, Scrum Master, SAFe® Program Consultant and he specializes in consulting and process optimization.

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