You’ve got Mail

“You’ve got Mail” is an American romcom from 1998 starring Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks. in-STEP BLUE mail users can be informed of receiving an email with a sound, just like back then in the film. Do you know how to use this setting?

In in-STEP BLUE you can send out automatized messages, for example, when a new work package is released or when the state of a requirement has changed. You can define when and under what conditions to whom which message with what information is send in the state machine:

Nachrichten definieren und versenden per Aktion

Define and send messages with an action

If you want to be notified with a sound alert when you get a new mail, you can define this under the option settings. This can be simply reached through the menu bar by clicking on options/extras. The following dialog should appear:

Soundeinstellungen beim Erhalt neuer in-STEP BLUE Mails

Setting a sound to notify of new in-STEP BLUE emails

Here you can set whether there is a sound and if so which sound it should be. Of course, you can also embed your own sound file.

Now and then you might get the impression that a starting sound is played when opening in-STEP BLUE. This happens when the user has received an email in between having been logged out and logging back in. Try it out with your favourite sound – then you will definitely be twice as pleased to receive emails in in-STEP BLUE…

That was it for adapting the sounds when receiving an email in in-STEP BLUE. If you have questions or suggestions, just get in touch with us! You can contact microTOOL Support at or 030/467086-20. See you soon!

Be it installation, setting up the system environment or expansion of tool functionality – support expert Thomas Schmoldt has the answers to your question. In particular stubborn cases he may just program a solution of his own.

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