Customize arrangement of tabs in dialogs

In requirements engineering, lots of additional information is collected about requirements. It’s easiest to collect this information with dialogs that contain multiple tabs to structure data. But what can you do if the arrangement of the tabs is not to your liking? Ideally just customize the tabs.

The starting point

Imagine that you are not just interested in the information describing a requirement but above all you are interested in the refinements.

Dialog zur Anforderungserfassung mit verschiedenen Reitern

Dialog with a collection of tabs containing information about the requirement

But the refinements of this tab are found further to the back in the tab Refinements.

Der Reiter Verfeinerungen im Dialog zur Anforderungserfassung

The tab requirements in the dialog of requirements information

Change the position of the tabs in the dialog

To move the tab “Requirements” to, for example, the second position, proceed like this:

  • Activate the editing mode by clicking the button “edit.”
  • Enlarge the dialog so that the tabs “refinement” and “description” are both visible.
  • Now select the top of the tab “Refinements” and hold the left mouse button to drag it to the second position, behind the tab “Description.”
Der Reiter Verfeinerungen an der gewünschten Position

The refinements tab in the desired position

  • Finally, select “save.”

Now this configuration is now valid for all requirements, also in other projects.
But! This setting is only for you, it will not be applied to other users.

Of course you can configure the dialogs in the same way for other model elements.

And that was really easy, wasn’t it? As always we are glad to answer your questions, get in touch at

Hubert Siegemund is an expert at the integration of objectiF RPM, objectiF RM and in-STEP BLUE in IT environments. He is an IREB trainer, V-Model XT Pro certified and specialized in consulting and customizing.

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