Documenting relationships in a table

The modelled relationships between elements – for example, requirements to their derivatives, requirements to test cases or goals to stakeholder – can be issued, of course, in objectiF RPM (formerly known as in-STEP RED). But do you also know how to issue this information in a table? 

Goals to stakeholders documented in a table

Let’s use the example of goals to stakeholders. Two document templates that match each other will be needed: One to issue the information to stakeholders, that also contains the header for the goals, as well as a template that lists the goals of the stakeholders.

In the goal model for the stakeholder Achim Schulz, CEO of Advantage AG and project manager of the project fridgeNext, where the goal is to manufacture next generation networked fridges, the following goals are modelled:

Ziele im in-STEP RED Zielmodell

Goals in the objectiF RPM goal model

The allocation of goals is also listed compactly under the properties of the stakeholders:

Alle Ziele des Stakeholders auf einen Blick

All stakeholder goals at a glance

In the documentation, the goals should be listed in a table like this one:

Die Darstellung der Ziele in Tabelle als gewünschtes Ergebnis

The presentation of the goals in a a table as the desired result

Create document templates

Off we go! First, we need a document template for the stakeholders.

To be able to create and edit document templates, you must be using the profile 
Administration or have the project administrator and/or system administrator rights. Basic information about this and designing document templates can be found in the online help for objectiF RPM.

Create a new template Stakeholders with goals for the stereotype Stakeholder in the setting browser under document templates (or edit an existing template for Stakeholder).

Dokumentvorlage anlegen

Create document template

With the command Edit you can now edit the document template and with Edit text marks you can define which properties will be issued. For this task it is first of all relevant to define a table header:

Tabellenkopf festlegen

Define table header

We’ll need the layout of this table for the second template for the line-by-line output of the goals. It’s best to copy the table from there and save the condition in this template.

Now create a second document template Goals for stakeholders for the stereotype goal and edit it. Insert the copied table and define the properties that need to be issued.

The result could look like this:

Die Dokumentvorlage Ziel für Stakeholder

The document template Goals for stakeholders

Once more: make sure that the header table and the row tables match each other (number of columns, size of cells, position) so that objectiF RPM can generate a consistent table!

Now the document template Stakeholders with goals  should be finished with Edit. Insert a list OwnsRelationships right under the table head and reference the template Stakeholder Goals.

Die richtige Beziehung auswählen

Select the correct relationship

Save the changed template. And now you’re finished, and the template can be used!

Now you can create a document in the product browser on the foundation of the template Stakeholders with goals. Select a stakeholder:

Auf dem Weg zum Dokument eines Stakeholders

Auf dem Weg zum Dokument eines Stakeholders

and confirm with OK. Then content will be generated and a result like the following will appear:

Das Ergebnis mit einer tabellarischen Darstellung der Ziele eines Stakeholders

Das Ergebnis mit einer tabellarischen Darstellung der Ziele eines Stakeholders

The principle of the matching document templates for the documentation of connections can also be used just like this for other model elements and relationships.

Did it also work so well for you? If you have questions, we will be very glad to hear from you at


Hubert Siegemund is an expert at the integration of objectiF RPM, objectiF RM and in-STEP BLUE in IT environments. He is an IREB trainer, V-Model XT Pro certified and specialized in consulting and customizing.

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