Moving and copying

In objectiF RPM and objectiF RM you can move and copy elements in the product browser simply with drag and drop. The features are easy to use, but how exactly do you proceed, if you wanted to, for example, provide an enquiry in an additional, modified variant? Read these short instructions.

Moving elements

You probably already know about moving elements in the product browser – it works with selecting an element and dragging it to another package by holding the left mouse button. A frame will be displayed around the target package and the cursor changes the symbol to a dragging symbol. After letting go of the left mouse button and acknowledging the confirmation dialog, the element will be moved into the desired package.

Verschieben von Elementen - ganz leicht per Drag and Drop

Moving elements easily with drag and drop

Copying elements

Copying elements works similarly. When copying, all the settings of the element are taken over, even the connections to other elements that are defined on the copied element. So, if you want to copy an enquiry to complement an additional column, just follow these steps: select the element – in this example it is the enquiry Anforderungen systemweit and drag it to a new package by holding the left mouse button down.

Selektieren einer Abfrage

Selecting an enquiry

Now, press the control button (CRTL). The cursor will appear with a copy symbol.

Kopieren einer Abfrage

Copying an enquiry

After letting go of the left mouse button and acknowledging the confirmation dialog, the element is copied to the desired package. And the results show two identical enquiries in two different packages.

Die kopierte Abfrage in einem anderen Package

The copied enquiry in a different package

Now you can adapt the copied enquiry, for example, rename it Anforderungsliste mit Zustand and expand it one column.

Anpassung der kopierten Anfrage mit wenigen Klicks

Adapt the copied enquiry with a few clicks

Move the new column quickly to the third position and assign it the name Zustand. Finished!

Positionieren der neuen Information in der Abfrage

Positioning the new information in the enquiry

The results of the copied and modified enquiries can be seen here:

Die neue Abfrage mit einer Anzeige der Zustände

The new enquiry with the states displayed

Copying inside the same package

Did you know you can also copy inside the same package? It works the same as copying. Select the desired element and drag it to the package where it already is. Don’t let the cursor bother you – it is telling you that the element can’t be dragged here.

Verschieben von Elementen in demselben Package funktioniert nicht

Moving elements in the same package doesn’t work

That’s no problem, because we don’t want to drag, we want to copy it into the same package. Just press the CTRL button again. Then the frame appears around the selected package and the cursor shows the copy symbol.

Das Kopieren innerhalb eines Packages funktioniert auch

Copying inside a package works, too

And if you let go of the mouse button now, you get the desired result, with a copied enquiry that can be modified straight away.

Eine kopierte Abfrage in demselben Package

An enquiry copied in the same package

By the way: copying, and of course also moving, doesn’t just work on individual elements, but also for packages. Of course in these cases all the content of the package will be copied or moved.

That’s easy, isn’t it? If you have questions, notes or ideas we are happy to speak to you. Just get in touch with our support team at


Hubert Siegemund is an expert at the integration of objectiF RPM, objectiF RM and in-STEP BLUE in IT environments. He is an IREB trainer, V-Model XT Pro certified and specialized in consulting and customizing.

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