Introduction to in-STEP BLUE

Finally, successful projects!

There are all sorts of tools out there to help you organize your projects. But if you would like to work with your team in a shared environment, or if processes, worklfows, working with requirements, ideas, tests or documents are important to you then you should get to know in-STEP BLUE. It is much more than just project management software, it is the solution to all your problems in your project.

What can you expect to find out about in the webinar?

  • The idea and the advantages of the software
  • The set-up and user-friendliness the software offers
  • An overview of all your projects in the organization and the ability to plan and execute these projects
  • Synergy between in-STEP BLUE and other tools
  • The documentation of results at the click of a button

Who is this webinar for?

Project team members and project leaders, in-STEP BLUE beginners, people who are curious about it and users of in-STEP BLUE Personal Edition.


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