Introduction to objectiF RPM

“We make amazing products, because we concentrate on our competitive advantage.”

Projects often fail, run late or fall short of delivering the desired results. Why is that? Maybe the reason is because requirements are still not central to our project thinking? Or perhaps we simply lack good tools. With objectiF RPM you plan your projects on the basis of your requirements. Requirements that you can structure, prioritize or capture visually and using simple input methods. You can use these requirements for your agile development. Either locally or in decentralized teams, connecting with your windows client or in your browser. Simply and securely.

What can you expect to find out about in the webinar?

  • An overview of objectiF RPM
  • Capturing, structuring and visualizing requirements
  • Using backlogs with requirements for project development, for releases, teams and iterations.
  • Creating and editing documents

Who is the webinar for?

Project leaders, requirements engineers, business analysts, system analysts and all those who are curious about working agile and working with objectiF RPM.


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