Requirements Engineering mit objectiF RM

Der nächste Termin:
30. Okt 2023
11.00 – 12.00 Uhr

Capture, Specify, Manage, and Document your Requirements Efficiently

Webinar Content

Do you want to improve your requirements engineering? Is it important for you to discover connections when working with requirements, to view requirements from different angles and to know where you stand in the requirements engineering process at all times? Then you’ve come to the right place with objectiF RM and this webinar.

With objectiF RM, you capture, specify, manage and document requirements. You make stakeholders and goals, dependencies and relationships transparent. You’ll use available diagram types, delimit the system context and develop the basis for the system architecture.

What You Get

  • objectiF RM at a glance
  • Capture, structure and visualize requirements
  • Better understanding with easy-to-understand diagrams
  • Interaction between textual and graphical data capture
  • Access to all information in one system

Technical Implementation

This webinar will be conducted via Microsoft Teams. You will receive a link to the session from us in advance.

Who Benefits the Most from This Webinar?

Project Managers, Requirements Engineers, Business Analysts, System Analysts, and for all objectiF RM interested parties and users.

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