in-STEP BLUE. The Project Management Software.

For your staff and organization, for processes and methods.

A lot of organizations consider project management to be more than planning a schedule and resources, estimating the effort and controlling the planned and actual values. For a lot of organizations, project management is about team work while individually supporting the team members. Project management also involves the management of requirements, changes and tests. With in-STEP BLUE, you receive a software that you can customize according to your needs and organization, your workflows, processes and methods.

in-STEP BLUE for your staff and organization, for processes and methods

Project scopes often vary – project management processes, however, remain the same. The process elements depend on the fact if you are active in controlled environments such as

  • the aviation industry and the railway industry,
  • the automotive industry,
  • public administration or
  • the medical industry, and if you
  • develop an IT software or
  • develop a product for embedded systems.

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Always seek a process that fits your plans perfectly. In this way,

And this with just one software – with in-STEP BLUE.