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Excellent Requirements quality is critical to your project success. Analyze, document, validate and manage your requirements with a solution that fully supports all requirements engineering and business analysis activities. Characterized by absolute traceability and version control of all changes. objectiF RM is your best option for first-class requirements management with AI assistance.
objectiF RM Software for Requirements Engineering and Management

Increase Your Business Agility – Your Entire Team Benefits.

Whether you are a requirements engineer, product owner, business analyst, software or system developer, system architect, quality manager or tester, objectiF RM enables you to work collaboratively, efficiently and securely.

objectiF RM Offers the Following Key Features

Ensuring High Quality Requirements.

Requirements Engineering

Benefit from end-to-end traceability of requirements. objectiF RM creates transparency and visualizes relationships, dependencies and refinements. Highly customizable forms, queries, backlogs, UML/SysML models and workflows for reviews and tests ensure clear, up-to-date and immediately realizable requirements.
Backlog and requirements diagram in objectiF RM
objectiF RM Changemanagement

Change Management

Respond to changes with agility: With objectiF RPM, all changes to artifacts are transparent, from capture to implementation and testing. For each change, a revision is automatically created, which you can seamlessly trace using the history. Which requirements are affected by a change request? objectiF RM provides you with the answer. Use baselines, role and user concepts as well as individually configurable release mechanisms to react fast to changes retain an overview.

Document Management

Generate up-to-date requirements specifications, quality manuals, risk reports, test documentation, or simply interim reports with a click. Enrich your documents with specific queries or diagrams. What’s so special about objectiF RM? You can use the state machine to individually define the transitions at which documents are to be automatically generated. That way you are always on the safe side in the event of an audit.
document management in objectiF RM
test set versions and reviews in objectiF RM

QA & Test Management

Ensure quality by integrating test management into requirements management with objectiF RM. Derive test cases directly from requirements, plan reviews and tests to verify and validate requirements, and monitor the fulfillment of requirements using the test progress in the dashboard. The interface-free overview increases development quality.

The Benefits of objectiF RM

More Structure

For Increased Process and Solution Quality

The use of templates in objectiF RM results in higher process and solution quality. Uniform structures and workflows are tailored to your organization and make it easier for everyone involved to work together.

More Velocity

For Higher Efficiency

With objectiF RM, projects can be easily scaled and the creation of reports and documentation is done with minimal effort. This allows you to reach your goal faster and more efficiently.

More Traceability

For Better Transparency

With objectiF RM, a higher traceability is guaranteed. The ability to see which results are affected by changes to requirements at any time guarantees full control. 

Standardize Your Projects to Your Needs with the objectiF RM Core-Features

Make your results visible and traceable.

Refine communication and workflow of your agile team.



objectiF RM is highly customizable. Define your own artifacts, forms, workflows, processes, patterns and reports. Create your own functions and interfaces. We are glad to assist you.
Core Feature Workflows


With objectiF RPM, you define workflows that are controlled depending on their status and can also include the creation of documents. This ensures that recurring workflows are executed consistently.


The visualization of artifacts, structures and processes creates a collaborative understanding of the requirements and a big picture of the solution. With models in objectiF RPM you visualize your results and make them reviewable.


With objectiF RM you can trace requirements forwards and backwards through their development. This allows you to assess the impact of changes and ensure that the solution meets the goals of the stakeholders.

Artificial intelligence

Quality assessment includes checking requirements for understandability and identifying a wide range of similar requirements. Use the potential of AI with objectiF RM as early as the requirements gathering phase.


Fully integrated instant messaging and video conferencing in objectiF RM make it possible to reference and share work results without interfaces. In objectiF RM, meetings and chats are just a click away.


Projects must be able to handle changes. The automatic version control in objectiF RM makes it easy for you to track changes and, if necessary, to consistently revert back to a previous version.

Core Feature Auswertungen


Always be up-to-date on the latest report. objectiF RPM provides metrics and real-time reports that can be displayed in dashboards, generated in documents, and exported in various formats. These activities can be set up completely automated as well.
Core Feature Governance und Compliance

Governance and compliance

With objectiF RM, you establish standards in the sense of governance. objectiF RM supports your consistent compliance with project and document templates, process modules and patterns.

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These Interfaces Are Available in objectiF RM.

Active Directory
Requirements Interchange Format ReqIF
Azure DevOps
MS Excel
MS Word
MS Project


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