in-STEP BLUE - the software for Process-Based Project Management

​The Software for Process-Based Project Management.

For a lot of organizations, project management is about team work while individually supporting the team members. With in-STEP BLUE, you receive a software solution that you can customize according to your needs and organization, your workflows, processes and methods.

in-STEP BLUE Software for Process-Based Project Management

For Your Staff and Organization, for Processes and Methods.

Use standards such as PRINCE2, Scrum, SPICE for Automotive or HERMES and best practices for your projects and workflows.

Project Management with Processes and Methods

Processes in in-STEP BLUE

in-STEP BLUE Is the Ideal Software for This.

Plan and Execute Projects with Defined Processes

You can plan and execute projects with processes in in-STEP BLUE. Public standards like Scrum, PRINCE2, HERMES, SPICE for Automotive, V-Modell XT & Co. can be used along with your best practices.

Processes create transparency and make effective approaches repeatable. They allow projects to be compared more easily and make it possible for experiences to be re-applied, sustainably improving the quality of the development results. It is important that your staff members benefit from the processes being used. The processes should cut out long searches while providing clear responsibilities and procedures as well as results-transparency among documented tasks – all of which becomes repeatable in subsequent projects.

Process management and project management with in-STEP BLUE
Project planing and controlling with the multi-project management software in-STEP BLUE

Manage All Your Projects Simultaneously

Multi-project management is quite common now in the world of IT projects. More projects mean increased complexity for everyone concerned: the more projects you carry out at the same time, the greater the need for coordination and the likelier resource conflicts become. Larger projects are also more difficult to prioritize and face problems in the organization of individual tasks.

With the project management software in-STEP BLUE you can keep your project portfolio under control at all times. You can create results and reports with the click of a mouse, see progress indicators and use up-to-date information for your decisions.

Skills, Availability and Workloads

Who can perform particular tasks in a project? Are enough staff members available?

The resource management system in in-STEP BLUE “knows” all of the staff members in your organization as well as their availability. With in-STEP BLUE you can address competing demands on your staff’s time across several projects, allowing your project leader to distribute work packages. You can see at a glance if a staff member has spare capacity or if she needs extra support. The delegation of projects can be done easily via the drag & drop function.

This makes work easier for your staff members too because they can also immediately identify at a glance which projects have been assigned to them and what tasks still need to be done. It’s simple and easy to understand.

Staff planning with the resource management software in-STEP BLUE
Project management and requirements management integrated with in-STEP BLUE

Integrating Project Management with Requirements Management

Requirements management is the basis for successful projects.

Managing requirements entails constantly knowing which requirements are present at any point in time, knowing how they differ from each other and keeping abreast of whether project plans can still be met. Project management and requirements management are integrated within in-STEP BLUE enabling you to trace the execution of the requirements throughout the entire project for your stakeholders. The software makes it easy to identify how much time and energy was spent in your projects and it lets you know how far along you are in the process.

A lot of organizations consider project management to be more than planning a schedule and resources, estimating the effort and controlling the planned and actual values. Project management also involves the management of requirements, changes and tests.

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What you need from a project management software may strongly vary depending on your organization and industry. Some organizations have to prove that they work according to standards and are audited. Other organizations work hand in hand with their clients and coordinate their procedures with one another. As an organization, you work with in-STEP BLUE in a way that fits you best.


What you need from a project management software may strongly vary depending on your organization and industry. Some organizations have to prove that they work according to standards and are audited. Other organizations work hand in hand with their clients and coordinate their procedures with one another. As an organization, you work with in-STEP BLUE in a way that fits you best.


Do you manage requirements with a specific method? Do you use a workflow for test cases and test runs? Do you want to automatically notify team members when there are new work items lining up? Use in-STEP BLUE for your methods and processes.


Processes make it possible for organizations to treat things of the same nature equally. In this way, you are not required to reinvent the wheel in every project. Just rely on general standards or use your best practices that you can integrate into in-STEP BLUE very easily.

Project scopes often vary – project management processes, however, remain the same. The process elements depend on the fact if you are active in controlled environments such as


  • the aviation industry and the railway industry,
  • the automotive industry,
  • public administration or
  • the medical industry, and if you
  • develop an IT software or
  • develop a product for embedded systems.

Always seek a process that fits your plans perfectly. In this way,


These Processes Offers in-STEP BLUE

Best Practices with the CoreProcess Edition
V-Modell XT Edition
PRINCE2 Edition licensed by AXELOS
Scrum Edition
SPICE Edition for Automotive
HERMES Edition

In These Areas in-STEP BLUE Provides Support

in-STEP BLUE offers you process management for your projects, as well as various features in one software.

Project Management with in-STEP BLUE
Project Planning
Plan and manage your projects in one software.

Multi Project Management with in-STEP BLUE
Multi-project Management
Manage all your projects in parallel and with an overview.

Requirements Management with in-STEP BLUE
Requirements Management
Requirements management and project management in one software.

Documents Management with in-STEP BLUE
Document Management
Document management und project management in one software.

Test Management with in-STEP BLUE
Test Management
Software for test management und project management.

Ressource Management with in-STEP BLUE
Resource Management
Staff scheduling and staff support in one software.

Change Management with in-STEP BLUE
Change Management
Change management und project management in one software.

Risk Management with in-STEP BLUE
Risk Management
Risk management und project management in one software.

Version Management with in-STEP BLUE
Version Management
Work comprehensibly in your projects. Manage projects with processes.

Dashboard with in-STEP-BLUE Web-App

Mobile with the in-STEP BLUE Web App

Keep working on your projects on the go.

The in-STEP BLUE web app offers:

  • An individually configurable dashboard
  • Project planning via Gantt chart
  • Project plan with incoming/outgoing products
  • Creation of documents and forms
  • Editing states and activities
  • Upload photos and files

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