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objectiF – the UML-Tool for Model-Driven Development in C#, C++ and Java

Do you develop service-oriented architectures (SOA), Rich Internet Applications (RIA), embedded systems or technical software?

objectiF is the appropriate tool for:

Model-driven development with objectiF and the UML means

  • a quicker start for your entire team
  • compliance with your architecture standards

Choose from specialized editions for:

  • .NET-Development in C#
  • development in Java
  • development in C#, C++ und Java

The most important features of objectiF at a glance

Feature Your Advantage
Central, transaction secure, multi-user capable repository
  • Efficient project work on a LAN, even with a high number of users.
  • High quality results with consistency ensured automatically for working in a team
  • Easy exchange of results from distributed projects.
Extended modeling functions for professional development
  • UML (Unified Modeling Language) and BPMN (Business Process Modeling Notation) for modeling business processes.
  • Extend the UML domain-specifically, with stereotype profiles and user-defined properties for transforming models and generating code.
  • Test framework integration (JUnit and Nunit) at the model level.
Model-driven development (MDD)
  • Fast-paced development thanks to transformations of domain-oriented models into technical models with code generation
  • Secure, iterative transformations.
  • Integrated functions for developing own model transformations with UML in C#
Generate code
  • Extensive language support. Generate C#, C++, Java, VB .NET, BPEL, XSD and WSDL
  • Adaptable to your needs
Reverse and Round Trip Engineering
  • Work as if with a single tool using Round Trip Engineering with Microsoft Visual Studio and Eclipse, and fast navigation.
  • Reverse Engineer Code and Web service and scheme definitions, simply.
  • Package-oriented with standard configuration management systems.
  • Model versioning with model comparisons in in-Step – the tool for process-based project work in a team.
Generate documentation
  • Standardized documentation thanks to adaptable Word templates for all model elements.
  • Requirements specifications and HTML documentation at the push of a button, with referenced results automatically updated.
  • Easy to create JavaDoc and NDoc comments at the model level.

You model the domain specifications of the software with UML. Then you can iteratively transform the domain-oriented models into the technical models of the software design and the code for your platforms. The result is consistent domain-oriented and technical models, plus code - the ideal basis for cost effective development and maintenance.

More about model-driven development with objectiF


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