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Erfolgreich mit Software von microTOOL

Successful. With software by microTOOL.

We develop and manufacture powerful tools for requirements engineering and project management with valuable features. Our customers know best what helps them with their work, that is why we are in constant dialogue with them. Our expertise in requirements engineering, agile development and IT project management combined with over 38 years of experience has made microTOOL one of the leading providers in German-speaking countries.

Perfekter Service bei microTOOL

We believe in perfect Service

A little support from our consultants and support team helps you to reach your goals easier and quicker. In all this, dialog and communication with our customers is of paramount importance to us. For this reason we offer individual support for technical issues, consulting and trainings for the use of our tools as well as seminars providing you with methodological expertise.

Internationale Mitarbeiter bei microTOOL

“Ick bin ein Berliner!”

Berlin is a colorful, vibrant and sometimes chaotic place with a very special appeal. The city’s pull has brought people from many countries to us, from Europe, the USA and Africa. Many of them have made a lasting impression on us and some of them have left something with us; a piece of unusual code, culinary specialities or a better understanding of their individual culture. Diversity is the basis for a special kind of working atmosphere, one in which people accept each other as they are. This includes the technical side of work; interdisciplinary teams are a huge asset to us.

Weiterentwicklung bei microTOOL

Change is a Concept

Just like we advance our products we advance the way we work together, the way we interact. Our goal is not only to take an agile approach to software development and services but to become a truly agile organization ourself. An organization that offers many prospects and possibilities, with room for personal development, opportunities to participate, flexible working hours and true cooperation. We love our work, and our customers!

“Discovering methodological expertise is my driving force and my motivation. I am proud that our tools make this expertise available to anyone.”

Ursula Meseberg

Founder, microTOOL GmbH

“The trust of our customers is important to us. Our continuing goal is to earn it.”

Bernd Nawrot

Founder, microTOOL GmbH

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