Partnerships. The Power of Two.

Are you interested in working with us? We strive to forge partnerships and not just contracts. We would love to work with you; too. All we need to do is define common goals and develop an intelligent workflow. Stronger together – that’s our philosophy.

We offer partnerships in many different forms and variations. The kind of cooperation we engage in with you will depend on how closely you would like to work with us. As our partner you would profit from our training initiatives, our unified marketing programs and special discounts. Additionally, a dedicated contact person will help establish trust and ensure a more efficient symbiosis.

We’re Comitted to Improving Projects, Requirements and Software together with Our Partners

PMI Germany Chapter
GPM Deutsche Gesellschaft für Projektmanagement
ASQF - IT-Expertennetzwerk

Strong Partners for Excellent Services and High Service Quality

SVA - System Vertrieb Alexander GmbH
Siebenhofer Consulting
The Hood Group
masVenta Business-GmbH

As a renowned RE tool manufacturer and our partner at the largest RE conference in Europe, the REConf, we have been working cordially together with microTOOL for a long time. We can count on this trustworthy partnership with microTOOL in demanding topics such as digital and agile transformation. We look forward to many more great partnership projects!

Rupert Wiebel

Rupert Wiebel

Managing Director, HOOD GmbH

“No matter with what kind of idea in mind you approach microTOOL, you always find someone who listens and a broad willingness to cooperate. This positive attitude combined with binding communication and short response times is the key component of the success of our collaboration with microTOOL.”

Stefan Sturm

Stefan Sturm

Former Executive Director, IREB GmbH

“microTOOL is without a doubt a center of competence in the field of requirements engineering and business analysis. A strong customer focus, short response times and a high degree of flexibility have always allowed us to add value to our clients. Also, cooperating with the staff at microTOOL is always a lot of fun.”

Rainer Wendt

Rainer Wendt

Managing Director, masVenta Business GmbH

“microTOOL plays a big role in my work as an advisor and trainer, and as someone who is constantly introducing methods, processes, models and tools in the name of good requirements engineering in different industries. I find that microTOOL provides expertise and practical tools that both I and my international clients have found to be very effective.”

Rudolf Siebenhofer

Rudolf Siebenhofer

SieITMCi Siebenhofer. Consulting e.U.

Consulting Partnership

You consult clients on processes and methods. Questions about suitable tool support arise frequently. Then ask us about a Consulting Partnership. We organize events, product presentations and define suitable cooperations. Details of this partnership can be discussed individually.

Solution Partnership

This partnership is based on in-depth knowledge of our tools and services as well as a direct contact to customers. We organize training and marketing activities, an accelerated access to our technical support and special discounts for our products. You will oversee all customer issues and support activities, we will supply the products.

Technology Partnership

If you are interested in expanding our tools or providing interface options for existing tools we are happy to provide you with technical information on our tools. We define a common approach for the development and marketing of the interface. Details of this partnership can be discussed individually.

Sales Partnership

This partnership is aimed at sales organizations and retailers. You will acquire new customers and add to a strong and intensive distribution of your products. We will focus on the provision and customization of our tools. Details of this partnership can be discussed individually.

Certification Partnership

You are a provider of personell certification and are looking for training providers. You anticipate trends, define certificates and are looking for a partner able to implement innovative training concepts. Then contact us for a Certification Partnership.

Associations, User Goups and more

If you concern yourself with the advancement of standards or are an expert for a specific method, if you are looking for individual support, talk to us. Details of this partnership can be discussed individually.

Do You Want to Become Our Partner?

If you want to become a partner of microTOOL or if you have any questions about the different options we offer, please don’t hestitate to contact us.

We will be glad to provide you with all the information.