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Correctly exchanging requirements

Exchanging requirements correctly

A structured exchange of requirements among companies are not easy to arrange. The ReqIF standard in the OMG can help.
Eliciting usability requirements using a charrette session

Collaboratively developing usability requirements

A charrette session is a good opportunity to collaboratively develop requirements. What's important with charrette sessions?
Functional security

Practicing Functional Safety

The functional safety is concerned with the analysis of possible dangers and the definition of safety functions. How does that look practically?
The foundations of usability requirement

The foundations of usability requirements development

What should you pay attention to when developing usability requirements? What role does human performance capacities and perception play?
You should be careful while driving into fog

The paradigm shift in requirements engineering

Products have errors because the wrong employees carry out the wrong tasks. It is time for a paradigm shift.
Organisations often have to deal with too many requirements. Perhaps it’s time for a change?

Requirements with an expiration date

What can you do when there are too many requirements and you can't keep track anymore? Try working with templates and expiration dates.
Interview with Rainer Wendt

Becoming a Business Analyst – Interview with Rainer Wendt

An interview with Rainer Wendt, president of the IIBA Germany Chapter, about becoming a business analyst and business analysis in the IIBA Germany chapter.
Discussing content and arriving at better conclusions

What is requirements engineering and what content goes into a specification?

Requirements engineers translate users' desires into language that developers can understand. But what kind of content goes into a specification?

The solution evaluation in business analysis

Solution Evaluation is the assessment of existing or new solutions before or after a business goes into operation. Read more about Solution Evaluation.

Securing systems with misuse cases

Misuse cases are a good instrument in the area of safety and security to help you elicit quality requirements properly. How do misuse cases work?
Addressing risks in agile projects

Addressing risks in agile projects

Find out how to develop systematic risk identifcation mechanisms in your projects so that you can manage and minize the risks you face regularly. 
IT Analysis 2016

IT Analysis 2016 – Taking Stock

There are many IT anaylsis concepts. Concepts that compliment each other, some that conflict and some that contradict each other. Time to take stock. 
Inspections as path towards good specifications

Inspection as the Path to Good Specifications

Errors in specifications are unavoidable. An inspection is used to find those errors. Here are six best pratices help you do so. 
The System Footprint

Visualized Understanding: The System Footprint

Using a system footprint to visualize your system requirements and allow everyone on your team to stay informed of the big picture. 

Lean traceability in three steps

Learn how to get the right amount of traceability in your agile projects. Improve your compliance and your overall performance through lean traceability.
Clear steps. Clear rules. High pace.

Agile Specifications

How do you get agile specifications done within 2 weeks by following 5 steps and 2 basic rules? Maik Pfingsten explains how it works.
The Internet of Things – Hype or Business Opportunity

The Internet of Things – Hype or Business Opportunity?

Are there sustainable business models able to prove that the Internet of Things is not just a concept but an economically feasible trend?
The Golden Circle by Simon Sinek

The Golden Circle in Requirements Engineering

Why does a company do what it does? Why should customers opt for a solution of a particular manufacturer? The Golden Circle helps to answer these questions.
Understanding different points of view

Torn out of Context in Reverse at 50 mph

When eliciting requirements it is paramount to keep an eye on the context and on the background on which persons are creating requirements.
When personas meet use case 2.0

When Personas meet Use Case 2.0

What is the difference between Persona scenarios and use cases? And how do personas and Use Case 2.0 fit together?

The Ideal Number of Diagrams and Diagram Elements

„How many diagrams are necessary to describe a system?“ Systems developers are familiar with these kinds of questions. But is the number really important?

On Your Mark, Get Set, Goal Diagram

If you are busying yourself with stakeholders and their goals, a goal diagram might be an effective and easy way for you to visualize interdependencies.
approach to requirements

Why the Right Approach to Requirements is Critical to Your Projects

How much time do you dedicate to requirements Engineering when you operate a project? Read why the right approach to requirements is critical to projects.
steps to good requirements

IREB: 6 Steps To Good Requirements

Requirements Engineering is a key discipline in systems development. Find out the 6 key steps to developing good requirements in your projects. 

Why not ask the stakeholders for once

How do you want to deliver good results if you do not know the goals of your stakeholders? Read what happens when you ignore stakeholders and their wishes.