Example of a System Context Diagram

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Example of a System Context Diagram

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A quick and easy overview of a system context diagram and its elements.

The term system context refers to the environment of your system. A system to be developed never stands on its own but is connected to its environment.

In the example above you see an example for the system context of a software installed on a television receiver. This software interacts with a number of devices, other software and of course the viewer. In addition, during its development process a number of laws, norms, guidelines and style guides have had an impact on the final design of the system. In reality your might define a requirement for the software that it may be barrier-free, or that it offers support for all current smartphone operating systems. This poses no problem if these elements are included in the system context analysis right at the beginning of a project. Supplementary changes late in the development process result in technical modifications that are difficult to implement and expensive. Maybe an incomplete product has to be marketed and sold.

Apart from the system and its context there is the irrelevant environment which contains everything that has no impact whatsoever on the system and its development.

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