Software requirements specification. Gather software requirements.

What is a software requirements specification? What is it for and how is it created?


What is a software requirements specification?

A software requirements specification is a document that describes requirements for a software product, program or set of programs. Requirements in the software requirements specification are expressed in normal language and are not concerned with technical implementation. That’s what the design documents are for. In software development, the software requirements specification represents the results of the requirements analysis and describes the requirements of the software under development. Though it is traditionally created as a document, it can also be created in different forms, for example – a very simple one – in spoken form.

Advantages of a software requirements specification

Software requirements specifications are a method of clearer communication: Correctly formed, they provide a comprehensible description of the customer and their desires. This way you start with an abstract idea of the specific professional domain where the customer is active. Improvements later in the project that delay completion or cause more expenses can be avoided. Apart from this, important framework for development can be specified which creates a clear picture of the goal and (contractual) obligations that you can include over the course of the project.