Agile Project Management and Scrum compact


Agile Project Management and Scrum compact

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Manage your projects more efficiently by using Scrum Processes and Agile Methods.

Back in the 90s, stiff and inflexible software development processes were not satisfactory – they needed to be more lightweight and flexible. And so, new processes like Scrum were innovated. Despite that, it wasn’t until 2001 that there was a name to bringall the similar development currents together. A few leading minds sat together and specified values and principles with which one could develop software more efficiently, and named this sort of development agile. So originally, the concept of being agile came from software development. From there, over the course of time, the description agile project management was developed, because not just software projects can be controlled and planned agilely.

What exactly is agile project management, what are the differences between classical and agile project management and how does Scrum work?

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