Core Process Edition

The Software for individual Workflows and Best Practices.

Do you want to plan and execute similar projects similarly? Do you want to design processes with a standard handling of requirements, test cases, ideas, risks or changes? Do you have your own templates and standards? Then in-STEP BLUE CoreProcess edition is just right for you!

If you are looking for a project management software that allows you and your team to your your processes, workflows and procedures in your projects, then in-STEP BLUE is right for you! You can either start directly with your project’s existing templates, managed documents, requirements and test cases. Or use CoreProcess as a foundation to map your own process. Of course you can also adapt in-STEP BLUE to your needs yourself.

in-STEP BLUE Best Practices

Use your own knowledge

CoreProcess is a sort of Best Practice with many standards that you can use flexibly as the foundation for planning and executing your projects. You can easily determine yourself which elements of the CoreProcess you would like to use. If you work in projects with risks then just use the available online form for recording risks. Do you already use your own specifications to describe requirements? Or have you defined a workfow for how to handle tickets? Do you want to manage additional properties with changes? Great! You can integrate this information easily into in-STEP BLUE. The advantage of CoreProcess is that you never have to start at zero, you can always easily orientate yourself and copy and use existing information.

Support every employee

A big weakness of many project management tools is the focus on the project leader. The project leader plans and communicates appointments. They enquire about the progress to the employees and update the appointment plan. Many employees are overloaded because they receive too many tasks. Or because they are working in too many projects parallel. Other workers don’t get any information about changes. They wait for information that has been available for a while. Or they work on tasks although there has long been information that resulted in other tasks. Such processes lead to failure!

Successful projects need an integrated solution for the whole project. Software for the whole team. For every individual employee. And your employees will only consistently use the software when there are also advantages for them to use it. With in-STEP BLUE you can offer your whole team and every single employee these advantages.

Manage all project contents

You plan appointment, define tasks, manage resources and employ target-performance comparisons. In short: you are doing classic project management. Where do you notice progress in your project? In the appointment plan? Or do you look at all the contents, at the realized requirements, the closed tickets? How do you find this important information if it’s managed in separate tools? Project contents belong in projects. With in-STEP BLUE and CoreProcess you manage all project contents – so appointments, resources, effort, costs, roles, rights, templates, messages, documents, reports, ideas, workflows, change requests, requirements, etc – in one tool. That’s efficient. And then there are lots of useful templates for documents, for processes, for state space, for messages, for roles and rights and for recording all important project contents. That’s clever. That’s in-STEP BLUE.

Your software for processes in projects

Try out in-STEP BLUE and achieve optimal project results with your processes.

Central, multi-user capable project data base

  • Secure and efficient project work on a LAN and the Internet
  • Time saving thanks to minimal communication and coordination requirements
  • System-wide full-text search in documents and source code

Configuration management

  • Secure version management of all documents
  • Revision-capable project results
  • Traceable project course
  • Seamless project history

Structured templates for all products/documents

  • Project start without prolonged set-up
  • High productivity
  • Short project run time

Quantitative project management

  • Straight forward schedule, workload, cost and user productivity planning
  • Up-to-date project evaluations at the click of a mouse

Integrated requirements and change management

  • Fast, standardized, form based creation of requirements
  • Traceability from assignment to acceptance of requirements
  • Requirements compliant systems through intensive requirements controlling
  • Import wizard for taking on requirements from MS Excel
  • Impact analysis

Integrated risk management

  • Simple, unified creation
  • Overview of project risks, including their properties and states
  • High project security

Multi-Project Management

  • Transparent project environment of all the company’s organizational units
  • Up-to-date overview of project portfolios
  • Simple coordination of goals, schedules, resources and costs in parallel running projects
  • Derive requirements cross-project
  • Simple controlling and reporting thanks to numerous project lists with key indicators, reports and individual evaluations
  • Direct access to cross-project resource plans
  • Simple resource planning via drag and drop
  • Parallel access to several projects
  • Simplified organization of individual tasks thanks to cross-project ToDo lists

Integrated time-recording

  • Real-time workloads and cost controls

Visible activity and product states

  • Transparent project activities
  • Option for the project manager to operate in real-time

User-specific ToDo lists and configurable views

  • Fast orientation for all users in a running project
  • Simple inclusion of new users

Integration with MS Word and MS Excel

  • Direct and fast editing of requirements specifications, user manuals and status reports, and much, much more

Process standard

  • Support your own best practices
  • Mapping of individual corporate standards


  • All views , roles , templates, activities, products , forms, features , notifications , authorizations are easily customizable and extensible.

Read for yourself why so many users trust us

Get an impression here of what users report about the use of in-STEP BLUE in their company.

“With the help of in-STEP BLUE’s CoreProcess Edition we were able to make a highly customizable system for requirements management available during the implementation of the Scaled Agile Framework in our company. This enabled us to manage and prioritize requirements in a centralized system from the outset – process-based, cross-departmental and traceable. We are particularly proud of the fact that all necessary customizing was done in-house, resulting in reduced costs and realization times.”

Andreas Eiden

Head of Business Development and Product Management, Prokurist, SOPTIM AG

“Our staff members’ requirements of in-STEP BLUE keep presenting me with tricky and exciting tasks. Solving these tasks and implementing the solutions is fun at all times. In the end it is always possible to make project work easier for our staff. In case I do get stuck there is the committed microTOOL support team, offering help and guidance whenever I need it.”

Axel Velarde

Process Manager Technical IT, J.M. Voith SE & Co. KG VTA

“Going for in-STEP BLUE was an excellent decision. It is easily adjustable to our needs and all customization can be done in-house. I would make the same decision today.”

Ralf Dachwitz

Quality and Project Management, FEV GmbH, nutzt in-STEP BLUE seit 2007