Better Products – with Use Case Scenarios in objectiF RM

The next date:
1. Apr 2023
11.00 - 12.00 (CET)
Webinar Use Case Szenarios mit objectiF RM

Webinar Content

Would you like to develop user-friendly, innovative products? But you find it difficult to formulate requirements that promote exactly that?

Then objectiF RM and this webinar are just what you need.

We’ll show you how to put yourself in your customers’ shoes with the help of use case scenarios. Visualize use cases per use case diagram and then derive user-oriented requirements from them – textually and graphically with full traceability and an automatically generated report.

What You Get

  • Brief overview of objectiF RM
  • Creation of a use case scenario on an example project and mapping in a use case diagram
  • Capture the use cases textually, as a flow and as a sequence in the activity diagram
  • Capturing requirements from the use cases

Technical Implementation

This webinar will be held via Microsoft Teams. You will receive a link to the session from us in advance.

Who benefits the Most from This Webinar?

Project managers, requirements engineers, business analysts, system architects, product owners and for all objectiF RM interested parties and users

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