The most important instruments in agile project controlling


Agile Project Controlling: The most important instruments

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The larger a project is, the more important are charts and key performance indicators with a scope for controlling it.

Many businesses have had good experiences with agile development. For small projects with teams of five to seven people there is a whole range of tested and effective planning and controlling instruments like product and sprint backlogs, user story boards, burn up charts, velocity charts, etc. The larger a project is, the more important are effective instruments for controlling it. Charts and key performance indicators are required with a scope that encompasses multiple teams working in parallel and all of a project’s planned releases.

How can backlogs help you with agile project controlling? What are precedence diagrams and how are they created? What do you need burn up charts and burn down charts for? Why is the cumulative flow diagram a good idea and which figures does an earned value analysis calculate for you? You can find the answers here …

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