in-STEP BLUE Customizing Manual


in-STEP BLUE Customizing Manual

Format: PDF
Pages: 95
Filesize: 4.2 MB

Quickly adapt in-STEP BLUE to your needs and take advantage of your own processes, templates and layouts.

How to Model your own Process in in-STEP BLUE

in-STEP BLUE includes predefined process models that go perfectly with the edition you are using: the V-Modell XT or V-Modell XT Bund – development standard for IT systems in Germany and PRINCE2®, the British project management process, a SPICE compliant development process, the Swiss project management method HERMES,Scrum, as well as actiF, microTOOL’s process for agile development or a CoreProcess, designed for planning and running projects that are not tied to any particular process standard. If you have developed a company-own process standard and you want to use it for planning and controlling your projects you have to first build it in in-STEP BLUE. Here’s how:

Is it a big deal to describe a process model in in-STEP BLUE? No. If the process model has been defined and described completely, and if there already are specialized templates in form of files, the main task is done. In that case, describing the process model in in-STEP BLUE merely requires simple editing steps, introduced below.

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