Project planning and control with objectiF RPM


Project planning and control with objectiF RPM

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Get to know an integrated planning technique that is consistently supported by objectiF RPM.

Many businesses have had good experiences with agile development – especially with Scrum. For small projects with a team of five to seven people each, there is a whole series of effective, tried-and-tested planning and management instruments like product and sprint backlogs, user story boards, burn up and burn down charts, velocity charts, etc. Businesses that decide on complete implementation of agile development after these tests face two large challenges:

  • How can the planning and control of large agile projects be successful when multiple teams are working parallel on a broad solution? How can the project manager bring order to thousands of artifacts, show the processes of the teams to all project participants and thereby facilitate the creativity and agility of the parallel teams?
  • How can the planning and control of hybrid projects be kept under control? Here we mean projects that are planned based on requirements and implemented in sprints with a fixed duration but that also include tasks that are planned activity-orientated with work packages and milestones. This project form is typical for businesses that are approaching the agile transformation iteratively, for example, by changing the software development next but still approaching the rollout and operation of software systems iteratively.

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