Agile testing. Plan, perform and control your tests the agile way.

What is agile testing? How does it differ from classic test management and how do you test agilely?

Agile testing: Example in a Scrum project

Agile testing – does this mean testing without management? The term may be interpreted so. And if it were true, you would not separate development from test and complete the tasks phase after phase as you are used from the traditional test management. Similar to project management, experience has shown here: the classic way is extensive, time consuming and leads to a lot of conflicts. You will especially notice the latter for test management: Often, two parties evolve – developer against tester – and they forget their original goal which is to only deliver the best and right product for the customer. This is why the agile principles found their way into test management, too. But even though the term lacks the word management, you still have to plan, perform and control your testing – only in the agile way. How does that work?

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