Scrum. Manage Projects Agilely.

What is Scrum and how does it work? Who is involved in it? And why are projects meant to be more successful with it?

An overview of the Scrum process

Scrum  – the word has a bit of a foreign feel to it. It’s actually a rugby concept. Ikujirō Nonaka and Hirotaka Takeuchi were the first to use the concept to describe successful project development. The success of a project, according to Nonaka and Takeuchi, is above-all dependent on the team and the tactics that the team uses: They will work more efficiently if they are following one goal and can organize themselves to reach it. Later, Ken Schwaber and Mike Beedle took the concept and in 2001 published the first book about Scrum in software development. Today, it is one of the most well-known processes in agile project management and offers official guidelines in the Scrum Guide. These guidelines can be applied not just to software projects, but to all projects that deal with a complex task. So, how does agile project management work with Scrum?