Documentation with objectiF RPM and objectiF RM

The next date:
8. Dec 2023
14.00 - 15.30 (CET)

Live Online-Seminar

Tooltraining: Dokumentation mit objectiF RPM & objectiF RM

Create, Structure, Generate & Publish Documents.
You Will Learn All of This in just 90 Minutes.

Seminar Goals

With objectiF RPM and objectiF RM, you can capture and manage a wide variety of organizational and project information. With our tools you get an excellent overview over your content. But often information is also needed in the form of documents, e.g. as workloads in requirements engineering or as status reports in project management.

With the creation of structured documents and the use of document templates, the solution is right at hand: Content can be automatically generated in documents and, of course, updated with just one click.

In the 90-minute online seminar, we will show you how to proceed with document creation and generation and thus easily generate well organized, up-to-date documents.

Contents of the Seminar

  • What distinguishes documents from files?
  • How do I create documents based on a document template?
  • How do I link documents with content?
  • How do I generate the current content into the documents?
  • How do I structure documents in chapters?
  • How can I reuse chapters?
  • How do I include query results in documents?
  • How do I publish documents?


The online seminar is interactive. You have the opportunity to ask live questions and discuss open points with the trainer at any time.

For whom Is the Seminar Interesting?

Users of objectiF RPM and objectiF RM

Participation fee: 79,- EUR (plus VAT)
per participant

Your In-House Seminar

We are happy to offer you the online training exclusively for your organization at special conditions.

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Petra Karásková
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Petra Karásková