Mit DevOps Software schneller entwickeln und in Betrieb nehmen

DevOps for faster Software Development and Deployment

DevOps is the cooperation between development and operations teams, which aims at achieving faster time to market. Roland Wanner explains it here.
Blockchain digitale Transformation auf dem Vormarsch

Blockchain: Digital transformation on the rise

Blockchain is a decentral chain of blocks that are transparent and tamper-proof. IT consultant Dennis Streichert explains it here.
Business Storytelling

Business storytelling

How can you gain attention in the age of digitization? With good stories, says Stefan Marc Wagner. And he explains how to write them.
Visualize clearly

Visualize clearly – practical tips that work

Communication trainer Susanne Lorenz reveals how she uses a flipchart to clearly illustrate her presentations. Get inspired.

Digitalization – the fastest revolution of all time

Is your business model ready for the digital revolution? Prof. Dr. Frank Hälsig shows five common business concepts for the digital economy.
Communication in crisis

Communicating during a product recall

The number of recalls is increasing. This leads to impage and profit losses in companies. So what does successful crisis communication look like?
Patents and Your Competitive Advantage

Patents and Your Competitive Advantage

Patents documentation contains information about developments as well as an invention’s technical context. Learn how to let your company benefit from it.
being connected concept

Being Connected – Real-life Applications of a Concept

What are the differences between meaning, identity and the process of giving meaning to something. And how do you apply the concept of being connected?
business analysis nutshell

Business Analysis in a Nutshell

What is Business Analysis and why is it of inestimable value for companies trying to reach their real objective while saving resources and money?

Being Connected – The Interlinking of Meanings and its Hidden Powers

Understand the interlinking of meanings, its multiple aspects and its hidden powers. It's worth it.
Key Factors in Software Introduction Processes

How to Introduce New Software Successfully

If companies are opting for new software based on individual criteria and careful research, why is it so hard to introduce new software successfully?
personas goals

Three Ways Personas Help To Improve Your Projects

What do you do if you develop products and your customers don't want to be involved in your team? You can use personas. Personas will help you in 3 ways.