Scrum Edition

The Software for Scrum. Use the advantages of Scrum with in-STEP BLUE.

Plan and carry out projects with Scrum. Whilst always keeping the progress within your sights.

Do you already work with Scrum? Or are you active in a regulated
environment and find yourself on the path to an agile transformation?
Then in-STEP BLUE Scrum edition is just right for you!

Scrum is an agile process model of software engineering. It is an empirical, incremental and iterative approach: IF you are looking for a Scrum software with which you can use the advantages of Scrum together with your whole team, then you are just right with in-STEP BLUE. The in-STEP BLUE Scrum Edition supports development with special features and mediums for presenting information, as well as project management, with its integrated project planning and project controlling. With in-STEP BLUE, you can work flexibly and traceably at the same time.

Scrum with in-STEP BLUE

Get started quickly and easily


With in-STEP BLUE and Scrum you can work flexibly and agilely, but still structured and review-secured. In a project or in a whole organization. In a few minutes you can start a new project, include employees, use existing roles, rights and prepared views. Start working, plan releases and sprints, collect stories, and tasks in one consistent, digital form and work traceably at all times. Use the task board for an overview and offer all participants a standard interface, fast orientation and uniform navigation – in local and distributed teams.

Planning and controlling


One of the biggest advantages of Scrum is its flexibility and reaction speed. Don’t plan the whole project from A – Z, just do it in small units – releases and sprints. That way you can react quickly to changes, reprioritize stories, and produce the desired results. Through the support of the employees wth their roles and tasks, the views of their own work and the direct access to the contents, product library and the task board, your project will be easy to plan and control. That way, all those involved are always working with current information – because in-STEP BLUE Scrum Edition is software for teams.

Transparent and secure


Do you work in a regulated industry like aviation, the automotive industry or medical technology and have to be able to produce versions of your results? in-STEP BLUE Scrum Edition supports you with that – with a complete and automatically executed history for complete documents and files, for stories and tasks, for changes and risks. The collection and the management of information is structured, easily adaptable, and increases the understanding of the project participants. More transparency, more security, better communication with the contractors and within the project team is the result. And all that without any additional effort.

100% adaptable


in-STEP BLUE Scrum Edition offers everything that you need to work successfully in Scrum projects. But: maybe you want to change the input screen for stories? Or maybe you need more filtered views? Or maybe you want to combine your own corporate processes with Scrum? Or do you prefer to work classically in other areas but only agilely in development? There are lots of individual situations, lots of possibilities, why Scrum might not be implemented exactly according to the textbook in your business. It’s ideal to have software with a special strength: adaptability. Combine process models, define your own templates and forms, determine your own workflows and email notifications – in-STEP BLUE is the perfect software.

Read for yourself why so many users trust us

Get an impression of what users say about using in-STEP BLUE here.

“Scrum and high compliance standards? No issue with in-STEP BLUE Scrum Edition! So far I have settled 79 projects in 4 years with the help of in-STEP BLUE. Daily updated burndown charts, impediment lists and versioned project artefacts in in-STEP BLUE Scrum allow me to keep track of every single one of my parallel projects.”

Rudolf Siebenhofer

Managing Director, SieITMCi Siebenhofer

“microTOOL is a partner at eye level – and for us in-STEP BLUE is the ideal tool to manage our requirements and individual operations effectively.”

Thomas Vogt

Head of Business Information Integration, Apollo-Optik Holding GmbH & Co. KG

“With the help of in-STEP BLUE’s CoreProcess Edition we were able to make a highly customizable system for requirements management available during the implementation of the Scaled Agile Framework in our company. This enabled us to manage and prioritize requirements in a centralized system from the outset – process-based, cross-departmental and traceable. We are particularly proud of the fact that all necessary customizing was done in-house, resulting in reduced costs and realization times.”

Andreas Eiden

Head of Business Development and Product Management, SOPTIM AG

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