Requirements Capture with objectiF RPM and objectiF RM

The next date:
28. May 2024
11.00 - 12.30 (CET)

Live Online-Seminar

Tooltraining: Anforderungserfassung mit objectiF RPM

Capture, manage, refine requirements &
represent them in a diagram.
You will learn all this in just 90 minutes.

Seminar goals

With objectiF RPM and objectiF RM, you capture and manage requirements in a structured and complete way. As you go along, you refine them down to atomic requirements that can be implemented by your team. For a better understanding, you can clearly display your requirements and their dependencies in SysML diagrams. And you can keep track of requirements traceability at all times.

In the 90-minute online seminar, we’ll show you which options you have with objectiF RPM and objectiF RM to capture requirements in a structured way, describe them completely and display their dependencies in the SysML diagram.

Seminar content

  • How do I capture requirements textually?
  • How do I capture requirements graphically?
  • What is the life cycle of a requirement?
  • What types of relationships exist between requirements and how do I use them?
  • How do I illustrate relationships between requirements in a SysML diagram?
  • How can I extend lists or the topic bar with a command for capturing requirements?
  • What are the advantages of a pattern and how do I create it to capture requirements?


The online seminar is interactive. You have the opportunity to ask live questions and discuss open points with the trainer at any time.

For whom is the seminar interesting?

Users of objectiF RPM and objectiF RM

Participation fee: 79,- EUR (plus VAT)
per participant

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