R wie Requirements, P wie Projekte

R for Requirements, P for Project Management

objectiF RM is for requirements engineering. objectiF RPM = objectiF RM plus project management and controlling. A comparison of both products.
Moving and copying elements in objectiF RPM and objectiF RM

Moving and copying

In objectiF RPM and objectiF RM you can simply drag and copy elements from the product browser.

Generating a document template with objectiF RM and MS Word

How do you generate requirements documentation in MS Word? Just use a configurable document template in objectiF RM.
Editing a test case

Project documentation at the click of a button!

objectiF RM offers a variety of possibilities for goal orientated project documentation at the press of a button! Here is an example.
Domain structure management

Product management with objectiF RM

Product management often has to answer questions about goals and the requirements that result from them. ObjectiF RM can help you with it.