More than 1 out of 2 projects miss their deadline, excel their budget or fail entirely.
It's time to make a change. It's time for successful projects!
With in-STEP BLUE, the all-in-one tool for your methods in your projects.

Finally, Successful Projects!

Project Management with Processes and Methods


“Going for in-STEP BLUE was an excellent decision.
I would make the same decision today.”

Ralf Dachwitz
Ralf DachwitzQuality and Project Management, FEV GmbH, uses in-STEP BLUE since 2007

Apply processes in projects. And reach goals.

Project planning and execution in one unique project management software.

Very often, project content varies while the underlying business processes do not. The project management software in-STEP BLUE supports teams with by providing powerful processes, customizable workflows and templates, with included versioning of docments, requirements, changes etc. The individual design of a business process is dependet on the environment you are working in, be it aviation, the railway industry, automotive, medical technology, IT software development or product development for embedded systems. Which business processes you are using and which departments, roles and operations you are supporting is entirely up to you. Use a company-wide, individual process for project management, use standrds such as V-Modell XT, PRINCE2 Agile, Scrum or SPICE for Automotive or simply create your own workflow for your project documentation. Plan your projects with the project management software in-STEP BLUE and reach your goals. >> Learn more

With the project management software in-STEP BLUE you have the business process you need at your disposal at any time. Put your experiences to a good use and utilize approved methods, templates for effective and quick project structuring and project planning. Support your staff in one common working environment. Concentrate on content, not on operations.

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Projects fail,

but not due to inaccurate Gantt charts.

Projects fail

because there is no adequate tool support!

Projects fail

because coordination processes are too complex and defective!

Projects fail

because the necessary tools and methods are not put to use!

Or because each team member uses his or her own tools.

It is time to make a change!

The Method to Success

Finally, successful projects!

Use methods in projects. Because quality matters.

One tool for all teams and operations.

Projects and portfolios, teams and organizations, project managers, requirements analysts and testers – all of them have one thing in common: they need a common infrastructure to be successful. in-STEP BLUE creates this infrastructure for you. In many cases, project management focuses only on dates and costs. But how do you create valuable project content and high-quality products? in-STEP BLUE enables you to use your own, established methods of managing docments, changes, requirements, risks, test cases and much more. With up-to-date information for project planning and project controlling available at any time. Actual values and content is updated automatically by each team member and managed revision-secure. Collaboration within your projects is improved allowing for more efficient project work. >> Learn more

With the project management software in-STEP BLUE you manage all project data centrally. You decide which workflows you want to use and how much methodological support you need. Risk management is required only for selected projects? No problem – in-STEP BLUE is flexible and simple to use.

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What our clients say about in-STEP BLUE

“microTOOL is a partner at eye level – and for us in-STEP BLUE is the ideal tool to manage our requirements and individual operations effectively.”

Thomas Vogt
Thomas Vogt Head of Business Information Integration, Apollo-Optik Holding GmbH & Co. KG

“How MEN benefits from in-STEP BLUE? Traceable processes, workflows and documents – not only in development.”

Manfred Schmitz
Manfred Schmitz Managing Director MEN Mikro Elektronik GmbH, MEN manages more than 1.2 million documents in in-STEP BLUE

“We at TESAT rely on TOPxt, a custom-tailored variant of the V-Modell. An essential part of this is in-STEP BLUE, which offers ideal and tailor-made support for TOPxt.”

Dr. Erich Auer Head of System Engineering, Tesat-Spacecom GmbH & Co.KG

“Thanks to in-STEP BLUE our audits are now completely hassle-free and more efficient, in particular because of the full traceability and control in-STEP BLUE offers even for individual processes. The auditors were impressed, too.”

Martin Horn
Martin HornProject Manager, SurgicEye GmbH

“in-STEP BLUE is the perfect choice for us. What I particularly like are in-STEP BLUE’s numerous customizing options as well as its openness to other tools. Also, the support provided by microTOOL is topnotch.”

Björn Schultze
Björn SchultzeHead of Documentation Support, MAN Truck & Bus AG

“What convinced us was in-STEP BLUE’s ability to support both PRINCE2 and an effective document management. The greatest benefit of using in-STEP BLUE is the possibility to customize all processes to the needs of our organization on our own.”

Markus Kunkel
Markus KunkelProject Portfolio Manager, lekker Energie GmbH, PRINCE2 Award Winner with in-STEP BLUE

“With the help of in-STEP BLUE’s CoreProcess Edition we were able to make a highly customizable system for requirements management available during the implementation of the Scaled Agile Framework in our company. This enabled us to manage and prioritize requirements in a centralized system from the outset – process-based, cross-departmental and traceable. We are particularly proud of the fact that all necessary customizing was done in-house, resulting in reduced costs and realization times.”

Andreas Eiden
Andreas EidenHead of Business Development and Product Management, Authorized Officer, SOPTIM AG

“I really like in-STEP BLUE’s integration of Project Management, Requirements Management and Requirements Modeling. In terms of support, microTOOL is at the top of the league.”

Rainer Rohde
Rainer RohdeHead of Division, Rechenzentrum der Finanzverwaltung Nordrhein-Westfalen

“We primarily use the in-STEP BLUE V-Modell XT Edition to support our requirements management and test specification processes formally and content-wise, as well as for test execution in development. in-STEP BLUE clearly stands up to comparison with similar tools. It does a lot, it is flexible and also highly customizable. microTOOL is always very proactive when dealing with requests and creative in the design of extensions.”

Carsten Seedorff
Carsten SeedorffHead of System Development, BBR Verkehrstechnik GmbH

“in-STEP BLUE enables us to comply with ISO 26262 and Automotive SPICE, in particular with regard to traceability, from requirements to test cases to implementation. Its built-in configuration options combined with outstanding support made it possible for us to integrate our company-specific requirements for a project management software into in-STEP BLUE.”

Wolfgang Schröder
Wolfgang SchröderAdministrator Software and Software Process, Flextronics Automotive GmbH & Co. KG

“Documentation is of utmost importance for AMEDON – and becomes child’s play with in-STEP BLUE.”

Dr. Maike Boettcher
Dr. Maike BoettcherHead of Quality Control, AMEDON GmbH

“Especially for complex, long-term software development projects in-STEP BLUE helps to maintain an overview and prioritize and organize our tasks and processes. It is of utmost impotance to us that we can adjust the system to our requirements and approaches and that it supports different process models.”

Matthias Schulz
Matthias SchulzHead of Software Development, GAF AG

“in-STEP BLUE is an integral part of all test management processes for eight ATS (Air Traffic Services) as well as of planning procedures for software acceptance processes at Deutsche Flugsicherung. It is a vital part of daily test and resource planning. Its multiple configuration options are particularly helpful. They make it possible to adjust the testing process and implement user requirements in no time.”

Michael Lüttel
Michael LüttelHead of Acceptance, Integration and Approval for Air Traffic Management Systems, DFS Deutsche Flugsicherung GmbH

“The reasons we use in-STEP BLUE in almost all operating ranges, from applicant management to development projects with specific processes to quality assurance are its numerous possibilities. To me, in-STEP BLUE is the “mightyTOOL” for project management, configuration management and artefact regulation.”

Clemens Schmidt
Clemens Schmidtin-STEP BLUE Administrator, Requirements Engineer and Idea Manager at MEN Mikro Elektronik GmbH, Cert. IT Business Manager at IT /MGT Beratung

“Going for in-STEP BLUE was an excellent decision. It is easily adjustable to our needs and all customization can be done in-house. I would make the same decision today.”

Ralf Dachwitz
Ralf DachwitzQuality and Project Management, FEV GmbH, nutzt in-STEP BLUE seit 2007

Your project management tool for all project operations in your team

Try in-STEP BLUE for free and learn how easy it is to create amazing project results.

Why in-STEP BLUE is your project management software

in-STEP BLUE offers a broad range of flexible and powerful functions.

Processes and individual workflows

Plan and manage your projects based on defined business processes and customize workflows as needed.

Inward and outward transparency

Complete transparency, traceability and versioning, for full compliance and successful audits.

One tool for all operations

in-STEP BLUE supports you from project management to multi-project management to requirements management and test management.

Up-to-date information and project data

Always keep an eye on content, dates and to-dos, documents and reports as well as requirements and changes.

Quick and individual documentation

Use document templates and adjust them to your needs with just a few clicks.

The tool for entire teams

in-STEP BLUE creates a common infrastructure for all project contributors and roles in your organization.

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