Multi-Project Management with in-STEP BLUE

by | 19.06.2024 | using in-STEP BLUE

It can be a challenge to manage several projects at the same time. This makes it all the more important to have a powerful and user-friendly tool at hand that makes this task easier while providing an excellent overview. in-STEP BLUE already offers comprehensive features such as project overviews, multi-gantt charts and earned value analysis to help you manage your projects. However, we are not resting on our laurels. We have developed additional features to facilitate the management of your portfolios: the time-based progression of key project indicators in a line chart. We want to use this blog post to demonstrate our multi-project management features to you.

Overview of the Project Master Data in in-STEP BLUE

One of the most basic requirements in multi-project management is an overview of all current projects and their key information. With in-STEP BLUE, you can display a comprehensive list of all projects with their respective project information. You can define and analyse this project master data for your projects and display it as a list as follows:

Project overview of the project master data in in-STEP BLUE

This clear visualization enables multi-project managers to view the status and key data of all projects at a glance. This not only simplifies administration, but also supports fast and well-founded decision-making.

All Dates in One View with the Multi-Gantt Chart

In order to keep an eye on all important milestones and deadlines, in-STEP BLUE offers a configurable multi-gantt chart. This visual representation helps to recognize connections and dependencies between different projects.

Overview of the project portfolio in the multi-gantt chart

  • Recognizing dependencies: a key advantage of the multi-gantt chart is its ability to show dependencies between tasks and projects. This helps to identify and prevent any problems early on.
  • Dynamic adjustments: users can instantly see changes in the project plans by updating them. New tasks can be added to projects, existing tasks can be adjusted and priorities can be rearranged. This flexibility is essential in a constantly changing project portfolio and ensures that the tool always reflects the current status of your projects.
  • Improved collaboration: Thanks to its centralized and clear presentation, the multi-ganttchart promotes communication and collaboration within the team and between different departments. Everyone can be given access to the same information so they can work together more effectively.

The multi-gantt chart in in-STEP BLUE offers a comprehensive and intuitive way of tracking several projects at the same time. This overview keeps you in control of your projects and ensures that they are completed on time.

Earned Value Analysis per Project

Another central feature for multi-project management in in-STEP BLUE is the Earned Value Analysis (EVA), to evaluate the performance and progress of a project using objective key indicators. The EVA in in-STEP BLUE displays planned costs, actual costs and earned value over time and provides the following insights:

  • Planned cost (planned value): The planned expenses for specific points in time during the course of the project.
  • Actual cost: The actual costs incurred up to a specific point in time.
  • Earned Value: The value of the service actually rendered up to a certain point in time.

Earned Value Analysis of a project

Unlike simple time or cost tracking tools, EVA measures the actual progress of work against planned targets. This allows users to see exactly how much work has actually been completed and how much has been spent on it. This analysis provides multi-project managers with an understanding of a project’s financial progress. In addition, deviations can be identified at an early stage so that compensatory measures can be taken to get the project back on track. With the EVA, you not only have the current status of your projects under control, but also the necessary insights to successfully master future challenges.

Time-Based Progression of Key Project Indicators

With our latest feature in in-STEP BLUE, we now offer you the ability to visualize key project indicators over specific time periods. This feature allows you to view the progression of various project metrics over time in a line chart to provide valuable insights into the development of your portfolio. You can add a time-based view to your dashboard and select the projects to be viewed via the view configuration. Select “Indicators – Diagramm” to define the preferred settings as follows:

Configuration of the time-based progression of the schedule status of selected projects over a certain period of time

If you select the “Deadline status” property, you can see how this aspect has developed over time for the projects you selected. The display is based on the previously defined values “OK”, “at risk” and “critical” for the deadline status.

Key figure diagram in the form of a line diagram of the development of selected projects over a period of time

The tool then generates an indicators diagram that visualizes the number of projects classified as “ok”, “at risk” or “critical” over a period of time. This representation is based on the continuous recording of these key indicators and shows the sum of all projects in relation to a property. An average line also provides information on the overall average of the selected property in the selected period. The advantage of this function lies in the clear visualization of the progression over time. This allows you to keep an eye on the development of several projects and recognize trends at an early stage in order to make well-founded decisions in multi-project management.

Time-Based Progression of Numerical Project Properties of the Project Portfolio

You can now also view numerical project properties over a specific period of time. This function allows you to precisely analyze the schedule, cost and quality status of your portfolio. With our new feature, you can, for example, visualize the monthly development of these key indicators in a line chart.


The simultaneous monitoring and control of multiple projects requires precise tools in order to make clear statements about the project portfolio. With in-STEP BLUE, project managers have a wide range of features at their disposal that make it much easier to manage project master data, monitor deadlines and control costs. Our features are designed to enable you to maximize the use of your resources and achieve your project goals. Experience even more overall control and insight into your portfolio, particularly with the help of the new display option for time-based progression – for effective and future-proof multi-project management.