Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

General Questions about objectiF RM

What are the system requirements for objectiF RM?
objectiF RM is a client/server application which means that there are software and hardware requirements for clients and server. Project participants can access the system with their browsers. Details about the system requirements can be found here.
Which interfaces does objectiF RM offer?
objectiF RM features a ReqIF interface with which you can import and export requirements from/to other tools. You can import data from MS Excel and MS Word and export files, tables and specification documents in these formats. You can manage many different file formats in objectiF RM. Additionally, the XMI format allows you to quickly export and import project data with an integrated conflict recognition and conflict solution. And a REST API is offered via the web service, with which you can read, create and edit data. Plus, you can to synchronize requirements easily with projects in Jira. View a list of all interfaces here.
How much is objectiF RM?
objectiF RM is a client/server solution, so if you choose to purchase the product you will require at least one client access license and a server license to run it. Alternatively, you can also run it in a cloud. Find more information on prices for renting or buying objectiF RM here.
How can I buy more licenses?

Of course you can purchase additional licenses. You may need an objectiF RM server license depending on the number of licenses you previously purchased. If you need a new server license because of the increased client licenses, we will consider the server license price you paid in the past. In other words, you only pay for the additional new licenses and the difference in price between the future and the present server license. Please contact us for more information.

What does the maintenance include?
As part of our technical support we offer you maintenance services for both the installation as well as the running of objectiF RM. You will certainly receive all the updates. New versions of the software are given to your designated administrator as MSI or MSP files. If you are interested in the maintenance of your objectiF RM licenses, just get in contact.
How can I find out more about objectiF RM?
If you are interested in objectiF RM there are a number of ways to find out more about it:

Will I need training in order to use objectiF RM?

We offer training for a faster and more specific start with objectiF RM. Of course, you can start by yourself with the online help and the example systems. Or you read up how to instructions in our blog or watch videos on our YouTube channel. If you want to get the maximum out of the software for your individual needs, we will be glad to offer specific trainings for you. Find out more about objectiF RM trainings here.

Questions about the objectiF RM Trial

Where can I find help with the installation?

If you can’t start the objectiF RM trial immediately, you will find advice in our trial installation guide (PDF file). If you still fail, don’t hesitate to contact our support by email.

How can I add new users?

Just follow these steps:

1. Add a user.
2. Assign a password to the user.

Click the Userboard in your running project. You will find the button in the upper left corner.

Questions about objectiF RM: Change to project overview

Then add your example organization to the userboard by clicking on its red tile. Confirm your selection by clicking on the small “hook” in the upper right corner. Then switch to your example organization via the “new red tile”.

Then open the Backstage Menu (hamburger icon in the upper left corner)

Questions about objectiF RM: Change to project overview

Under “organization” > “settings” you will find the command “edit user”

Add staff by clicking  “+”

Questions about objectiF RM: Add

Fill in the form and please note: Set the authentication method to “User with password”. And: the password must contain 6 or more characters.

How can I switch between projects?

You will find the “Get to know objectiF RM” project on the userboard in your free trial of objectiF RM:

Questions about objectiF RM: Userboard

You can jump from one project to another by clicking another blue project tile on the userboard (in the trial there is only one to start with).

You will get to the userboard by clicking this icon in the upper left corner:

Questions about objectiF RM: Change to project overview


If you are within a project, you can switch directly to another project that is already open by clicking on the tab of the project.

Questions about objectiF RM: Opened projects


What’s the difference between Windows client and browser?
objectiF RM has a client/server architecture. You can access the server on which your system is located using a Windows client or your browser. The Windows client offers support, especially for your system administrators. General settings, such as defining queries, designing documentation templates, defining state machines or creating and adapting a project guide, are carried out with the Windows client. Users then benefit from the adjustments, regardless of whether they work with a Windows client or a browser.
Can I save my system?

Yes. We’d be happy to help you. Simply contact our support before the 30 trial days expire. We will secure your system for future use.

How can I start my own project?

A project template (gray tile) is available in your objectiF RM Trial. You can use this template to gain initial experience.

Questions about objectiF RM: Create own project

And if you have any questions about the operation, please contact our support.

Do You Have Any Further Questions? We Are Happy to Answer Them.

Just give us a call or write an email. Our support will take care of your question and find a solution.